big mouthed woman (oakaurora) wrote in thegangsallhere,
big mouthed woman

Hey, I thought I'd share a few pics from the Kansas City show at the Beaumont on 3/12. Some of these are a bit blurry because they were taken with a disposable camera which had been in a very sweaty pocket. Most are from the pit. If you click on them, you can see them bigger and probably in better quality. Enjoy!

Al Barr, Matt Kelly, Tim Brennan

Scruffy Wallace. Matt Kelly is back there somewhere.

Al Barr...can anyone pick out who that is in the background?

Taken from onstage during the Spicy McHaggis Jig.

My best friend Bettie and I with Al Barr

Bettie and I with Scruffy Wallace

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