L.M. (deleriumschild) wrote in thegangsallhere,

Hello all, I'm new and DKM is my favorite band!

I first heard about them back in 2001 when the college I went to was in works of booking them. I never listened cause I wasn't interested, and left the college before they played.

Back in Nov of 2005 I went to a Bruins game with a friend. The DKM were playing after and I wasn't really into it. However on the car ride home my friend put on a CD, and I instantly liked it. I went out and bought "The Gangs all Here" and was hooked. I went to the show last year on St Paddy's day and then again on the on the 19th. The 19th was the best, cause I got to go on stage during "Spicy McHaggis" and, I had my arm around Ken Casey (BTW, I may be weird, but I think he's wicked hot). I promised myself that I would go every year to see them on St. Paddy's day. True to my word I have tickets for this years show. Though I am a bit dissapointed they changed the location and that it's such an early show. Right now I own Live from Boston 2002, The Gangs all Here, Blackout and The Warriors Code. Favorite songs would be;Upstarts and Broken Hearts,The Dirty Glass,Good Rats,Rocky Road to Dublin and Wild Rover Here are a couple pics from the show on the 19th last year.

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O hay. I'll be there too this year.

You need to get "Sing Loud, Sing Proud" and "Do or Die". Those are my favorites.